SIM with automatic call recording



:Monthly cost

!49.90NIS Only

Shipping and one-time handling fee of 45 NIS

!It's a hit ?Sim Recorder

Recording SIM allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls made on your mobile phone. The recording is performed automatically on our mobile operator systems and does not require manual operation or application installation. At the end of the call, the recording is sent by e-mail to the address that the customer confirmed to receive the recordings.

Maintain your privacy

We do not save the after it has been sent. We do not have a copy of the recording after it was sent and therefore it is not possible to restore it in case of loss of the recording. This is due to privacy concerns.

conversation recording

All conversations are recorded - both outgoing and incoming

Recording is sent by e-mail

The recorded voice call file is sent by e-mail

All the benefits on a single SIM card

Mobile fit

The SIM works on all types of mobile devices

Quick start

Does not require application installation or manual operation

New number / portability

Ability to receive a SIM with a new number or port an existing number from another cellular network

Convenient billing route

Prepaid plan is especially convenient – you pay for each month in advance and use the service
Young courier holding parcels on doorstep, closeup. Delivery service

Courier to customer's home

Place an order and receive the SIM card via courier to your address